Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I have had a lot of very vivid dreams lately. Last night, I dreamed that I sold my wedding dress on Craigslist (I had BARELY posted the ad and someone wanted it right away, so I was running around trying to find the shoes and slip and all of that to go with it)... when the person came to get it, I opened the garage door and was scared because there were two people there, both fighting with each other! My old roommate was there and was like "who is this person???" and I got mad and said "It's someone from Craigslist!". The roommate thought it was someone who was moving in from Craigslist, and I'm like, it's someone who is BUYING something from Craigslist. Then the roommate started running around... turned out he had hid stuff on the property... like behind some bushes he had dug holes and buried papers in plastic baggies? Weird. I don't know what happened with the wedding dress... I woke up.

I didn't used to remember my dreams like this, and certainly not so vividly. But I really have been the last couple of months. Wonder why the change?

My SET time today was 1 minute, 18 seconds. This SOUNDS like a good time, but I was disappointed. I got the first 5 very quickly (probably my fastest ever) but then I couldn't find the last one for a while. And I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find it right away, which probably made it worse because I couldn't just relax and concentrate.

So yesterday I thought my insurance company made a mistake - I got my statement and it said this (numbers changed for ease of demonstration):

Auto: Full balance $600, Extended plan: $100
House: Full balance $500, Extended plan: $100

I thought "oh no, are they charging me extra fees for paying monthly on my homeowner's insurance? I know they don't do that for auto, but maybe it's different with homeowner's". So I called them up and asked if there were fees (thinking I'd much rather just pay it all now than to pay monthly if there are fees involved, and wondering how I'd missed these fees all this time)... and they said "oh no, we don't charge additional fees no matter HOW you want to pay it." I said "okay, well then there's a mistake in my bill... if there are no additional fees, the monthly homeowner's bill should be $83.33". And she said "well, your auto just renewed so you have 6 months left on it... your homeowner's renews anually in June, so you have 5 months left". OHHHHHHHHHHH.... yes, that math works perfectly. So I felt a little dumb until I realized that it was a perfectly honest mistake, and it wasn't like I'd called and yelled at them or anything... and then I was just happy I called for clarification. And yet again, USAA is awesome! :)

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