Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Dream!

This one is from my sister:
Okay so I had some WEIRD-O dreams last night... starting with, I was in Alicante [where she used to live in Spain]...and for some reason.. I don't know how..these Vietnamese people (I know they were Vietnamese, I'm not sure why)..but anyways, they captured me and two other girls...and they wanted to BAKE me! They were going to put me in the oven alive, because they said I had better flavor that way... And they were going to send some of my meat away too.... I was SO scared of them... and then Abel [her boyfriend] helped me escape.. I got back to... well it wasn't my apartment.. it was someone I knew...and then I couldn't find the key to lock the door because the person who lived there was in the shower and she had it...then some of my co-workers from now showed up and they didn't believe my story... then I woke up. SCARY! I think I was just scared because it was so vivid and real.

I am going to look up the meaning for her in one of the dream books I checked out from the library... what do you look up though? "being baked alive"? Haha. But I still think it's hilarious that she had better flavor when she was baked alive. That's so funny!

Moral of the story: don't tell me your dreams if you don't want me to post them for the whole world to read about! Seriously though, I wonder why it seems people have been having such vivid dreams lately!

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