Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas and the Vending Room

Christmas was great! I didn't surpass my goal of blogging more in 2007 than in 2004, but maybe 2008? We'll see. We had a great time with my parents, hosting our first Christmas dinner, camping at the coast, and having fun playing dominoes on New Years Eve. YAY.

And now a vent:

Here are 3 vending room types who are unaccaeptbale:
1. Man who gets food out of fridge, sets it down on counter as though he is waiting for microwave, leaves room, and comes back and acts annoyed that someone who was actually IN the room put food in microwave instead of him. WAIT WITH YOUR FOOD
2. Girl who gets food out of fridge and timidly waits until a different man comes in to remove his item from microwave. GET THE GUY'S FOOD OUT AND SET IT ON TOP
3. Guy who walks in to remove his food from said microwave girl was waiting for. Again, WAIT WITH YOUR FOOD

And an announcement! Geoff got hired at the same company where I work (we've known this for a month or so) and he starts on Monday! Just one more day left for him in his current job. YAY... carpool parking lot, here I come! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kelly: Greetings. I'm a writer for The Oregonian, and I stumbled onto your blog while doing a little Googling for a story I'm working on. The topic: gym regulars coping with the crunch of New Year's resolution people. (You mentioned this last January...) Anyway, you're such a good writer, I found myself skimming your blog. I'm a runner too, and also got rejected from Hood to Coast for next year, so I can relate! In any case, would you be interested in chatting about how the gym changes every January? If so, just shoot me an e-mail at, or give me a call: 503-969-3024. In the meantime, happy new year and happy blogging...

marisa said...

wow, now THAT is an update. it sounds like you guys had such a great christmas with your families!! i was going to comment on some stuff in there, but i read it yesterday and can't recall just from skimming over it. ah well.

fyi, i'm scanning back over your blogs trying to find the one where you talked about the food you got for your wedding at costco. i'm trying to find finger foods for a baby shower, a friend offered her costco membership, and i immediately remembered your wedding blog - let me know if you have any other suggestions!