Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's Tuesday!

So the manicure and pedicure trip was QUITE successful yesterday, yay.  :)  Unfortunately I am surprising Doug when he gets home from work by cleaning his apartment for him, and when I was washing the dishes I messed up my manicure a little bit.  Oh well.  I also set up this rolling cart thingy he's had from Ikea forever and hasn't set up, so that was fun.  I love setting up Ikea furniture.  Nothing as infuriatingly fulfilling as that.  :)  (Literally, every time, I have to go back like 8 steps because I did something *slightly* wrong... could the directions be more vague?)  Seriously though I do love it.  So now that this apartment is beautiful I think I'm going to see The Terminal this afternoon.  Starting tomorrow when I get back to IC, I have only 10 more days to pack, organize, and get ready to move to Oregon.  Then it's a few days at Lake Tahoe before I get set up for the rest of my life.  :)  Hopefully that all goes well! 
Last night Doug and I went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, it's right on Wilshire between 2nd and 3rd (as though you are all experts at your Santa Monica geography).  Anyway it's like 4 blocks away.  Doug had been in the car for like 5 hours yesterday because he went to his office and then to OC and then back to his office and then home, so he was like NO CAR.  So we just walked around and then rented Monster from Blockbuster.  We only watched half because Doug was tired, so we'll have to finish the rest tonight.  Anyone have any great ideas of where to go to dinner tonight?  Maybe we will just make dinner here, we'll have to see. 
Still looking for that gmail invite... :) 
Other than that, not too much going on.  It's sort of chill here during the week because I'm the only one home all day. 

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