Thursday, July 22, 2004

Alright, alright, I'm back

So Tuesday night Doug ended up coming home from work EAAAAARLY.  YAY, that was a huge surprise.  He normally gets home at 7 at the earliest, and he was home at 5:30!  YAY!  So we finished Monster, that was way fun.  Then we went to Westwood (where UCLA is) so I could go to Diddy Riese, the cookie/ice cream place that Neil told me about.  We saw where it was and then parked and walked to Olive Garden.  Yuuuuuum I'm such a fan of that place.  The Erin and The Russ have gotten me so addicted.  So that was yummy yummy in my tummy.  Then we walked by Diddy Riese and the line was OUT THE DOOR AND DOWN THE BLOCK.  Yikes.  Granted, it's homemade ice cream sandwiches for ONE DOLLAR in LA, but still.  So we nixxed that and just went home.  We chilled and talked and watched Law and Order CI in HD, and other random stuff. 

Yesterday was sort of a DISASTER.  My flight from LA to Chicago was fine, I had to ask TWICE to be put in Economy Plus (I've gotten to be a flying snob, I won't fly in Economy anymore, especially if it's not on a window and/or if there is someone sitting next to me), but of course I was.  And thank goodness I don't check bags or else I might have had to wait in a line at LAX (again, flying snob).  So we got to O'Hare like 50 minutes late because we we had to fly around all of this weather (we went around like through Indy).  Which gave me 10 minutes to make my connection to Cedar Rapids... yeah right.  So I checked the monitor, I had to go from Concourse B to Concourse F in 10 minutes... yeah right.  "Luckily" my flight was delayed for 65 minutes, which was actually going to be about perfect, to give me time to get over there, grab some food, and get on the plane.  The original flight time was 3:50, this new time was 4:55.  That was fine, but they they said 5:35... oh no.  One of those dealys that goes on all night.  But they let us board about 5:00 or so and we took off at 5:40 and landed at 6:12.  So that was pretty decent.  Then my mom picked me up and we came home and just chilled.

Today we went to Best Buy and my sister got an iPod... I'm sooooooo jealous.  We also went a Kohl's so she could use her discount and get some shoes and stuff, and we stopped by WalMart.  I think that's it... oh, and we went to Menards.  Slow day.  I've been doing a lot of packing and organizing for the big move (9 days!) so that's been fun.  I'm collecting all of my scrapbooking/memento stuff in one box so I can have TONS of fun in Oregon doing lots of scrapbooking.  That will be a way fun way to use my time especially in the fall after Keith and other interns leave.  Plus I do have those long weekends so that will be a nice little hobby to have.  I love scrapbooking.  I even found Doug's bow tie from my senior prom so that was super exciting.  My mom was like "how do you know that's his?" (I went to 5 proms...) and I was like I KNOW.  Then I found the one from my freshman year of college.  I don't know where the first 3 are, although I have an idea of where my freshman year of HS might be.  But I'm positive this is Doug's.  It's the only all-black one.  And the flowers he gave me that night are up in my room on my desk, so that's cool too.  Okay I know I'm getting a little sappy with the mementos here.  I'll shut up.

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Jenni said...

Oooh oooh get an Ipod, what's more worth it, an upgrade on an airline once or an Ipod? I'd say the Ipod, because I never ever ever go anywhere without it. It's essential for commuters (you can get plug it into your car stereo also).