Monday, July 19, 2004

Another day another blog

Well, I just promised Dena another good blog, so I guess I better live up to it.  I got up at 7:00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, but then when Doug left for work at 8:30 I went back to sleep until almost 12.  Now that's the stuff.  When I was in Iowa, I was thinking about getting a pedicure, and all of the places cost right around $20, which didn't seem terrible unreasonable.  I didn't have time last week though, so I figured I would just get one when I got back.  But as Doug was driving around I saw a place that does manicures AND pedicures for $15.99, total!!!  I will say that for California, stuff like that is in so much abundance that it's just CHEAP.  It's in Venice though so I was either going to have to take the Big Blue Bus (that's really what it's called, it's the Santa Monica bus but it goes to other places right near Santa Monica) or look around here to see what their prices are.  And sure enough, there was a place that is 4 blocks from Doug's apartment that is $10 for a pedicure (didn't ask about both because I really just want the pedicure, but maybe I'll get both anyway!).  So that will be my big project for today... I know, rough life, right?  Last night we went to Doug's cousin's condo for a BBQ, and it was so fun.  We were up on his roof, which is basically his patio, if you will.  It's awesome because you can see the ocean and the mountains and everything from up there, and it was sunset so it was just gorgeous.  One of his friends had spent the week on vacation fishing, so he had brought back all of this fish that we ate.  I literally have never had so much fish in my life, and it was all fresh
and just really good!  We had fresh sashimi which was easily my favorite thing, so yummy!  I really enjoyed talking to Doug's cousin and all of his friends... they were all teasing me because last time I saw them (the few that I had met), I hadn't graduated.  So now I was all old and stuff.  I'm still the baby though, as always.  Anyway, it was an absolutely amazing night.  I had sooooo much fun.  Did I tell you about the bars in Hollywood?  One was called Star Shoes and one was called Beauty Bar... pretty fun, VERY chill.  A good night though.  Yesterday Doug and I took Russ to the airport and had brunch, and then came back home and read the paper before the BBQ... chill day, fun.  I'll let you know how the nail project goes later on... there might also have to be a lunch mission somewhere in there because I'm getting a little hungry.  :) 

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