Sunday, July 25, 2004

6 days to go!

6 days until I begin the big journey west, YAY!  I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go, still have some "last minute" organizing to do.  I know, I have 6 days.  Although one of those I'll be in Chicago for the Remicade.  If you want to hang out in Chicago for like dinner on Thursday, holla at me.

Friday my mom and I went to the outlet mall for some shopping, that was a good time as always.  The fam also went downtown to see the music, they have free concerts there on Friday night so that was a pretty good time.  Saturday we pretty much just all chilled, got some pizza for dinner, and had a generally good time.  I'm teaching my mom some computer stuff and so that's cool.  My sister's gym guy finally came over so I got to see and meet him, and B-Iowa is calling her all the time (the guy she met in Florida).  Today we went to church and then brunch, now we're back.

Nothing exciting to report, hence the lack of the blogging.  Hopefully there will be much excitement once I get on the road.  We'll see.  Gmail... :)

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