Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - Love & Dating - Marry Me eCard - Love & Dating - Marry Me eCard

What the heck?!?! Who does that? This was posted in Ryan's weblog, and I just had to check it out. So there are seriously people in the world that propose via eCard. Anyone who knows me (bustles?!! anyone... Dena. ;)) knows that I would be the first to say this is unacceptable. (I became wedding-obessed spring quarter since I had nothing else to do and it's fun to read wedding bios and mock other people's wedding choices). I'm with Ryan's girlfriend when I say a proposal need not be elaborate, but I should think one should at least be present when asking someone to marry them.

And speaking of proposals, I might as well share a few amusing quotes along with a tiny bit of context:

Referring to an engagement ring which she thought I might not approve of:
Erin: I mean its sounds diamond-rific, but its no solitare princess
cut diamond on a platinum band

Referring to Doug's "engagement ring committee":
Caroline: how's Doug...the committee is wondering
Caroline: we are thinking of starting weekly meetings
Caroline: we don't really know why...but weekly meetings would be fun
Caroline: Well...once he contacts us you will get zero further
information from us
Caroline: we are like a secret society

Alright. Enough wedding nonsense. Goodnight for real.

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