Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hello fans!

So today we went to the beach... yes Iowa has a beach. I hate the beach. It has sand... ew. I hate sand, hence the hating of the beach. But anyway, I suffered through it. Then, we took the garage sale leftovers to STUFF, which is a consignment store around here that apparently everyone goes to. The leftovers from THAT went to Goodwill. As an extra-special treat, we went to the Wednesday evening Iowa auction! It was soooo hokey. They have all of these crazy auctioneers auctioning tons of crap. They had huge lots of stuff like 20 Playboy magazines, 50 of the same type of tool, or little knickacks. And they only sell it buy the whole lot, so you can't just get one tool, you have to get the whole lot of them. The good thing is that you can leave your rejects there. And they put all of the stuff on old hospital beds, so you cart out whatever you want to your car on that. Hokey, like I said. Lots of Amish folk there. Then the fam went to dinner at Chili's in the new Jeep. For those wondering, his name is now Jake the Jeep. I just call him Jake for short. If you don't like that name, let me know. I'm still flexible and open for suggestions. My sister suggested Libby the Liberty which I like a lot, but I think it's more of manly car. Well, my Jeep is a man, but I actually think Liberty's are pretty girly cars. My sister also likes the name the Silver Bullet, but Jake is still top on my list.

So a brief update on my past week: Chicago for the 4th was fun. I got to see all of the P-Town crew, including Hart. He and I were the "tourists" so Patrick drove us around. Patrick also taught me stick shift, so props to him on that. So now maybe Doug will let me drive his car. Then we went to a BBQ at Tim's and saw the gang. Then fireworks and then I met up with Doug in Glen Ellyn (yeah Glen Ellyn... KT do you read this?). The next day, off to Houston. I had tons of fun staying with my aunt and uncle and hanging with my cousin, who is 18. The other cousins were all out town, but I got to see my grandparents. Mimi and Gaggy, for thsoe who know of all my crazy grandparent names. I came back to Chicago on Saturday for Jenn and Matt's wedding, which was WAY fun. It was absolutely gorgeous and really cool to chill with everyone. Between the wedding and the reception, we also hit up the outlet malls in Kenosha, and I found some great buys. Normally I hate the Banana outlet, but it was awesome this weekend so that was sweet. After the wedding we went to Lincoln Park and spent the night at Grant's. Sunday when we woke up I headed back to the corn. Good times.

My sister still has a full queue, as always. She's allegedly not dating her latest boyfriend from school, but he's coming to visit this weekend. She also has Brad from the gym, who is the most beautiful man in the world and she talks to every day when she goes to work out. Then there is "B Iowa" (his cell phone name), a guy she met on spring break. His real name is Iowa and he's AWESOME. He's in Florida right now with a camp, but he was here for a weekend and they hung out non-stop. He'll be back at the end of July. I'm a huge fan of him, as far as I know so far.

I'm headed to LA Friday for the weekend, and Russ of JetBlue fame and Patrick of United fame might meet up with me. Gotta love working for the airlines. That should be good times, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Doug.

Speaking of saying "the Doug", I say "the" in front of most places and people now. Like the Iowa, the Russ, etc. My new words, for those who are always entertained my my psycho language = "hut", which I say nonstop "hut, hut, come here, hut", etc. I say it nonstop. Hut. Anyway, it's amusing. Getting old already though. The other new one is "dody", pronounced dough-dee. The all-time funniest thing was when I said "This is the dodiest dodo!". That was referring to some stupid float I was trying to blow up at the beach. To finish that story, when I said "dodiest dodo", my mom laughed so hard that she snorted and it sounded like a horse. I said "Mom, puh-lease don't sound like a horse at the beach" and she goes "when can I sound like a horse?" Hahahahaha I'm laughing just telling the story. Anyway, you can also say dodin' in place of stupid. Like that show is so dodin'. I know at least Dena and Laura will be entertained my hearing about my interesting new words.

That's all for now because I know you don't read the whole update when I write too much. Shorter updates, more often. I know the drill. I'm working on it.


Jenni said...

I remember trying to learn stick with Pat ... kind of a disaster, I'm immune to learning how to drive stick.

Nate "Doc" Bellon said...

Actually, in my opinion, all cars should be referred to in the feminine context, much like boats, trains, tractors, really any vehicle. I find it connotes more grace and beauty to their otherwise utilitarian existences, and no, it's not because of the Feminist "objectification arguement." Thats just silly. So anyway, my Olds is named Janine, and my old Citation was named Lucille, so might I recommend something feminine? But, when it comes down to it, the choice is, of course, purely yours.