Wednesday, July 28, 2004

And speaking of cards

Writing about eCards and my comment in Jenni's blog about business cards made me think, who you send Christmas cards (HOLIDAY cards, if I must) to now in the first years after college shapes who you will send them to for the rest of your life.  Now maybe some of you are in the camp that says you shouldn't send Christmas cards until you are older or married, but I figure why not start young?  It's like your retirement.  Start early, have more in the future.  Hmm... fuzzy connection there.  Anyway, probably half of my parent's Christmas cards go to college friends, so I better send them all to college and high school friends.  Of course there is always family, co-workers, neighbors, and other people you meet along the way, plus potentially your future spouse's friends, but the more the marrier.  And that is why, I would like to tell you all right now that if you send me your address, you can be sure to get a Christmas card!  Or Holiday card, if you're not of the Christmas persuasion.  As you can tell (what with all of these run-on sentences), I'm quite excited for the upcoming (in 5 months) holiday season!  So send me your address, keep it updated, and I will be sending you the season's greetings.  :)



Jenni said...

I saw that marry me e-card while looking for one for a colleague's birthday. Has anyone ever seriously used it or is it just a joke?

Jenni said...

Update please!