Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hello from LA

Hey guys... I'm successfully finally in LA.  I mean, I was actually here two days ago, I just finally stopped being a slacker and decided to give you an update.  So Russ actually showed up yesterday, which was AWESOME.  We went out for breakfast in Long Beach with him, then drove back to Santa Monica and walked around 3rd Street and the Pier and the beach.  We got some Starbucks and the boys got some clothes from Gap and Express Men.  It was quite amusing actually.  Russ and Doug got along really well... I was definitely the third wheel!  Oh well, better me than either of them I guess.  Then we came back to Doug's apartment to drop off their bags, then headed out to go look at Vespa's at the Santa Monica Vespa dealer and get Slurpees.  There were two silver Jeep Liberty Limited Editions almost exactly like mine parked in the parking lot at 7-11, so they got to see what the inside and outside of Jake look like.  Oh, the other funny thing is that I kept doing comparisons of Jake and Sam (did I tell you about Sam?  Samantha, Doug's Saab).  They are currently tied 5 to 5.  Jake got points for things like power seats and two-setting heated seats, and Sam got lots of points for her stereo and whatnot.  If I mention the name Jake one more time, Doug and Russ might kill me.  But I miss him!  Okay now y'all might kill me if I don't stop talking about it.
So then we came back to Doug's apartment and took a nap, then went out for a chill dinner at Johnny Rocket's on 3rd Street.  After that we came back to Doug's apartment and then went to some bars in Hollywood.  That was way fun.  I successfully got the boys into one bar that all of these guys kept getting rejected from... pays to be a girl sometimes I guess.  Then it was like 5 AM Russ's time and he'd been up since 4 AM the day before Russ's time, so he made us be boring and come back home and just go to bed.  So sad!  So here we are this morning, Doug and Russ are in the other room chatting (most of this chatting is about this alleged company they want to start together, Russ and Doug are going to roommates in Santa Monica and perhaps have this company... all of this scares me just a *little* bit, except for the fact that they're both so fickle that I really don't think any of this will ever happen).  So they're talking about firewalls and fun stuff like that, they think I'm oblivious and don't understand what's going on, but I understand every word.  I make an intelligent comment every now and then.  Anyway, I definitely feel very FEMALE since these guys have been together.  It's been a really interesting experience though.  So we're leaving in a few minutes to go back to Long Beach to take Russ to the airport, then Doug and I are going to church and then a BBQ at his cousin's place.  Oh, another funny thing was that I got a drunken phone call from Dena last night, but SADLY I was just getting to Hollywood so I had to go.  I'm going to have to call her back and find out what the dealio is what that later too.  More soon!


Jenni said...

ooh good blogs, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

aye i missed out on a good time. my sister had a white car named the white cloud and a gold one named the golden nugget. my car remains nameless. patrick