Wednesday, July 28, 2004


It's true friends, I've been spending every night the last 3 nights watching the Democratic National Convention.  It's surprisingly good.  I tend to be rather liberally conservative, so I was not planning on watching the DNC.  But I saw Clinton on for a minute (I'm NOT a fan, to say the least), and got enthralled!  He's a surprisingly good speaker... I'd forgotten that after the last 3 years of Bush speeches.  He was very impressive.  Teresa was not overly impressive last night, but Cait and Elizabeth Edwards were awesome tonight.  John Edwards hasn't been great so far, but we'll see.  He's going on and on about Vietnam and Kerry joining up to save our country and be a true American, but he knew even then that he wanted a career in politics.  So that's not quite the winning argument I need to hear.  I'm still leaning Bush, but we'll see after Kerry speaks tomorrow and the Republican Convention and a debate or two.  :)  I guess politics is going to be my new thing.

My other new thing is Tivo, obviously.  I'm obsessed with Jeopardy, this Ken guy has won over a million dollars and has set the Jeopardy all time records (all of them!).  He's cool.  They're taking 6 weeks off, he'll be back September 5th, but for now it is College Jeopardy, which is always a good time.  I also Tivo Clean Sweep on TLC every day.  And tonight I'm going to watch Amish in the City, THAT should be entertaining.  Tomorrow I'm going to Palatine for my Remicade (Crohn's treatment for those not in the know) and Laura's going to chill with me while I get it.  YAY!  If anyone's available for dinner, let me know.  I'll give you a call when I get done.  Friday I'm packing up Jake and Vinny and getting ready to go.  Jake is almost packed already, now it's just a matter of filling the small spaces with last minute items.  We should easily be able to get everything in. 

My dad was fired on Monday, which I say to you all not for sympathy or to be depressing, but rather to just let you know.  He's in the mindset that "the more people that know the better" because who knows who will have some great job for him?  He's looking for a project / product management job if anyone knows of any.  ;-)  So I guess that's just a general Public Service Announcement.

"Other than that, just hanging in there".  That's a very typical Doug phrase, and that pretty much sums up my life right now.  I was really bored today 'cause I'm really itching to get moving.  Tomorrow will be good since I'm going to Palatine, and of course I LOVE to pack.  I think I'll be annoyed a little bit to be in Tahoe for 4 days because I really want to GET to Portland, but I'll deal with it.  This time next week I will be just 20 hours away from moving into my new apartment.  I'm DEFINITELY getting excited.  :)  Soon enough.  Of course, that means I have to start work in 2 and a half weeks too... ;-)  Such is life.

Have a good one, folks!!

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Jenni said...

Have you seen yet? I know their server overloaded. Very funny bit about both candidates.