Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. After work Geoff and I popped into the grocery store, then went home, changed, and went out to the yard. Geoff mowed the lawn while I cleaned off the table and chairs on the back deck - degunkifying them from the winter. After that we put chicken on the grill and I set the table outside and we had chicken caesar salad. It was yummy and it was nice eating outside. It was a little chilly but we had been working so we were warm anyway and it was just nice sitting out there in the yard we have actually been putting some time into. We have never dined out there before! Well, I have, but Geoff never has. Seems like I had a BBQ once when we were dating, but I think it was chilly so we ended up having to eat inside anyway.

After that we spent a little time in the side/front yard and then I left for a tutoring gig! I was tutoring "Math 20", which is the class my coworker's daughter is taking at the local community college. I had such a blast - unfortunately she has a test today and I think we may have tried to cover too much material the evening before the test. But it was fun for me and hopefully she retained some of what we went over. I hope to be able to tutor her again in the future. I love math... perhaps I should have been a jr. high or high school math teacher. Maybe if I have kids that can be my "mom job". Or I could volunteer tutoring at a local school, I'm sure. I should look into that. I looked into becoming part time faculty at the community college (that would work perfectly with night classes), but you need a Masters in Mathematics or similar (engineering would work I'm sure) or 3 years of full time teaching experience. My BSIE is not going to cut it, but I'm not surprised.

While I was gone, Geoff went for a motorcycle ride with Eric and Trevor. They rode down to Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint (see it's not even a real state park - so we can't camp there) and around for a while. He said he had a fantastic time, and he got home only about 10 minutes before I did (and I was gone for almost 3 hours!). So all in all, a great evening.

We did have a bit of excitement yesterday when my sister called (she got back into the States on Monday) and Abel (her boyfriend) was stuck in Philly (thunderstorms and his flight was cancelled) and hadn't called. She was concerned because his visa doesn't start until late July and he was flying in on his passport (he will later exit and re-enter the country) and she thought they had detained him or sent him back! She said it was just very unlike him not to call. Geoff and I reassured her that he was fine (actually Geoff said they probably sent him to Guantanamo - she didn't find that very funny!), but she still worried. When I got back we called her again - it was after midnight Eastern and he got in around 3 PM Eastern. My mom had called the airport police, the airlines, etc. No one could give away any information, but they did say they'd only arrested one person all day and it was a female, and no one had been detained. The airline said that "he will arrive tomorrow morning" which was elusive and unclear. I decided to call the airline myself to see what they would tell me - but right then my mom called me back and said that Abel had finally contacted Christine on the computer. He had tried to call many times and for whatever reason couldn't get it to work. So he was safe and sound in a hotel and he got into Dallas this morning. Right after he arrived, my mom, sister, and Abel headed north to Iowa for a wedding that my sister is in this weekend. Poor thing is sleeping in the back seat as we speak. But at least he's in the US with all of his bags and everything! :)

Today we have our end-of-season softball party! Stay tuned.

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marisa said...

hahaha - yesterday, you wanted to be in marketing, today you want to be math faculty or a mom who tutors on the side ... what's tomorrow going to be?!