Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More happy things

Lame as it may be, Flylady is great! Monday after work Geoff and I did our 15 minutes in the yard... and then wanted to do more! So we set the timer for another 15 minutes... and then another. So we both did 45 minutes in the yard. (I make it sound like we're "doing time" in jail or something). We pulled up a bunch of bulbs (they had already bloomed and were done for the year) that we're going to move from the back yard to the front yard and planted 2 pepper plants and 2 tomato plants in the raised bed the bulbs were in. My basil is still growing inside, it's thriving but not quite big enough yet to go outside. I did my 15 minutes on the front porch - I cleaned all of the windows on the outside. I haven't done that in the entire 3 years I lived there, it looks so much better now! I de-yuckified the outdoor furniture and swept the whole front porch including the little cobwebs up at the top. There is certainly still more work to be done, but I'll let it wait until next time we're in Zone 1! I did the Weekly Home Blessing and it was so easy to mop when the floor was just mopped last week and everything just went super fast. I also started moving our desktop computer from the bedroom to the office - I just think we'll use it more in the office. Very fun.

Yesterday I had Remicade - a couple of weeks ago this lady sat next to us at church and I couldn't figure out how I recognized her. I knew it wasn't from work or anything like that, and then I thought "a doctor's office?" (there just aren't that many places I go where I interact with older people) and then realized she was a Remicade nurse! So I leaned over and introduced myself and she remembered me and said "yes!! You're the one with two names on your chart!" :) Then this Sunday at church, she sat down right in front of us and I asked her if she was working Tuesday and she said yes! She has a great schedule - she just works 2 12 hour shifts a week. So sure enough, she was there yesterday. Another nurse (Phyllis) took care of me most of the time (she was so cute, she gave me a hug when I got there) but Karen (the lady from chuch) came over and chatted with us quite a bit. I was the last patient they had (which is unusual, normally it's busy when I get there) so they both spent a lot of time talking to me and Geoff. And when I got done Phyllis was in the other room so Karen took my IV out. After Remicade was over I was SO tired (I usually am). So I went home, had dinner, and then went right to bed.

Today I was reading one of my 2369876 Flylady emails and some woman was talking about how she was inspired by Flylady to go through a box she'd been avoiding that was stuff from her wedding that never happened with her ex-fiance. She finally went through it all and threw away stuff, gave stuff away, etc. Well the best part was that she donated her wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. I had heard of this before but forgot about it. I put my wedding dress up on Craigslist a few months ago and it didn't sell - I suppose I could try again now that it's summer but I think I'm going to do this! I'm so excited. I went to their website and was reading about donations, and my favorite part was when they ask for only 2000 and newer dresses. This is the kind way they explain why: "Unfortunately, the limited size of our present distribution facility complicates the processing of our often-delicate retro and vintage gowns. We recommend all generous potential classic era donors withhold their contributions until our updated headquarters is operational, at which time we will again be capable of handling these treasured gifts with the respect they deserve." Isn't that great? Hehe. :)

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live_wire232 said...

You should talk to my mom about FLY Lady. She's been dabbling in their stuff for about a year or two now, and gets really excited about it. I'm sure she'd be just THRILLED to have someone else to talk about housecleaning strategies and "hot spots" with! :) lol!