Monday, June 16, 2008

Dishwasher Woes

Well, after Geoff pulled the dishwasher out and verifying that everything was connected correctly, I did some internet troubleshooting. I finally decided that since it makes noise (beeps) but none of the buttons or lights work, that our keypad itself is the broken part. Not a huge issue since it's all covered under warranty, just slightly annoying and frustrating with a brand new dishwasher. I'm a little concerned because there's still a possibility that something isn't installed right and therefore the fix won't be covered under warranty, but Geoff said he's 99% sure it is not an installation problem and even if it is, we can't figure it out so it has to be fixed. So Geoff called GE this morning and they are sending someone out on Thursday to fix it. Happily, I have no meetings Thursday afternoon so the timing is good - however, THURSDAY??? 4 days from now? I'm really surprised they can't have someone here sooner, although I am guessing it's because a GE person coming, not someone they contract with. When my Whirlpool refrigerator broke about 6 months into it (the thermostat was broken, so it kept thinking it was cold enough and switching off even thought it was NOT cold), Whirlpool gave me the names of about 3 local people they use and that person came out and then just billed Whirlpool. Apparently GE doesn't work that way. (I seem to have bad luck with appliances). Geoff said GE was incredibly apologetic that our new dishwasher was broken, which made me slightly less annoyed. Hopefully since he told them what we think the problem is, they will have the part with them when they come on Thursday. Until then, I suppose we are dishwasher-less...

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