Thursday, June 19, 2008


When people are trying to get into the elevator at work and the doors are about to close, they always do this sort of hop type thing to get in, instead of just walking in like a normal person. What is with that? Happens every time.

Since this was our first year being married the full year and the first year for Geoff in his new job, we took a VERY conservative approach to our payroll tax deductions this year. We both chose married, withhold at the single rate, with 0 deductions. I wanted to get a few months of paycheck data to plug into the IRS withholding calculator before we made any changes. It was down the first few months of the year, and then we ran the numbers in like April but it didn't recommend any major changes. Well then we ran it about a month ago and it said we're going to get like a zillion dollars back in our refund if we keep withholding at this rate, and that it recommends we change to withholding at the married rate and some nonsense like 11 allowances. I knew this was going to happen at some point, albeit not THAT drastically, and now it just means we get a "raise" for the second half of the year. Geoff made fun of me last night though: "Because of your strange financial strategy, first they took everything from us and then you say 'Oh... I was wrong...' and now we have to get everything back!"

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themotherinlaw said...

In my experience, air fares are always more expensive after business hours. I noticed this first when I was looking for a Christmas ticket for Rebecca. I found one I liked during lunch at work. Confirmed dates and times with Gary at home that evening. Went on line to purchase the tickets. The fare was more that $100 increased over what I had found earlier in the day. I tried again the next morning at work, and voila! Back down $100.