Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prematurely Old Update - June

Please particularly note #14. It is my favorite! It stems from me being in 1st grade, my parents being on vacation, our grandparents taking care of us, and me falling off my bike. They took me to the hospital but there was some debacle with getting me treated - I don't remember if it was more the authorization for care or getting the insurance information, but I know that there was some difficulty and every time after that that my parents left us with our grandparents, they filled out an "authorization for treatment of minors" form.

1. We own a camper (think about when you drive by huge motorhomes, who do you see driving them? 75 year old men)
2. We use Lock N Lock
3. Geoff commented that the checker at Best Buy was "a nice young man" (see this blog entry).
4. We Grocery Game (aka match coupons with sales to get the best deal)
5. I didn't go to Vegas with Patrick, Hart, and Becky when I was in Arizona in March (to my credit, that was because Patrick and Hart decided not to go, not me!)
6. Shopping for a vacuum equals a 'grand' time at Costco.
7. We take our mother-in-law camping and think it's fun. Granted we see LOTS of mothers-in-law while we're at camp grounds but they are usually of the 65+ range.
8. We took it upon ourselves to coach a girls softball team. We have no children or grandchildren but care enough about helping kids who wouldn't otherwise get to play on a team.
9. Geoff being concerned about people driving too fast with their children in the car.
10. We are growing tomatoes and peppers.
11. We listen to and reflect upon the advice of our elders (even if we rarely take it).
12. When the weather forecast showed 3 – 6 inches of snow and severe winds (dangerous over the coastal pass!), we changed our camping plans and went to a local place instead of the coast.
13. We get excited about new dishwashers.
14. When taking our sister Rebecca and cousin Taylor camping (they are 15 and 17), we request an “authorization to treat minors” form from their parents. And actually send the form template to them.

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Laura said...

The grocery game....I have to investigate!!! I always use coupons :)