Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I hate washing dishes

I realize the content of my blog has been kind of dish-heavy lately, but I have to express my disdain for washing dishes! I don't like anything about it. It's not fun and the water is hot and it's all around bad news. I miss my dishwasher. I think I have not fully expressed my love to my dishwasher before this point, but with this new one I will be completely appreciative. When it works. :)

Speaking of dishes, my LEAST favorite thing about camping hands down is washing the dishes. I would much rather empty the sewer hose and remove it than wash the dishes! Seriously, I dislike it that much! Happily, many of our lovely guests help in the washing of dishes, particularily my mother and mother-in-law. Recently Momlie and I figured out that I hate washing and she hates drying/putting away (and neither of us minds the opposite), so now that we both have dedicated dish-related chores our camping experiences are much better. Somehow, Geoff manages to completely escape any dish-related tasks. Hmmm....! We're going camping again this weekend and I'm not sure who is going with us yet, but I guess I should start conspiring against whoever may be coming and figuring out how I can trick them into washing the dishes for me!

Okay. In non-dish related news, here's a funny from a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to tell you. I think it was just last weekend (Sunday the 8th) that Geoff's parents came over to our house for lunch after church (we usually go to their house since it's about 5 minutes from church). This was the Sunday we all went RV shopping (hey, it's fun to look), and since the dealerships are all really close to our house, we had our house as "home base" that day. Geoff's mom had made a lasagna the day before in prepraration for lunch at her house before we knew we'd come to ours, so she brought it over. We set up a "buffet" area on the dining room table and were going to just eat in the living room. When Momlie was dishing up her lasagna, a small piece fell on the floor. Geoff IMMEDIATELY started running up the stairs, and I realized what he was doing and yelled "it's not up there!" and then burst into laughter. No one but Geoff could figure out WHAT wasn't up there and why I was laughing so hard... I finally told them that Geoff spills pretty much every day and I always tell him that it's no big deal to spill, you just have to clean it up right away so it doesn't set, and we usually do that with Oxi-clean. He had just spilled the day before upstairs and so the Oxi-clean was up there, but he didn't know that I had brought it back downstairs to the laundry room. So I immediately knew that he had thought of the Oxi-clean, remembered having it upstairs, and sprinted up there to get it because that's what you do when you spill! We retrieved the Oxi-clean from the laundry room and of course the spill came right out. It was just so funny to see Geoff whip into gear and start running up the stairs!!


marisa said...

hahaha ... that's hilarious!! what a well-trained husband you have!

2curlygirlz said...

You want to hear a funny story, ask Opa about my spilling every night at the dinner table. We might laugh about it now but it wasn't funny then.

What really is funny is that it hasn't stopped! When my friend lived in an apt I spilled soda on her floor by the tv. She said that I was banned from bringing drinks in, that included water!

Now that I have a child, she does it. How can that be hereditary? Her dad can't believe the two of us. He just shakes his head & says "Here we go again"!