Thursday, June 19, 2008!!!!

I have used in the past to check if I should buy a plane ticket now or later, and it's always said BUY NOW so it wasn't of a lot of value to me. Geoff and I have been keeping our eye on prices to go to Dallas to visit my parents the past couple of weeks, and they've been pretty flat at about $300. We were waiting to hear if my dad might have to be out of town on business the week we were looking to go, and last night my mom said that the times we had picked were fine, go ahead and book the tickets. I went online and they'd gone up to $350. BOO!!!!! I thought "hmm... maybe I should just wait until the morning, give it a little more time to see if this was just a temporary spike". I checked and it said "WAIT. Ticket prices are expected to go down $50 or more in the next 7 days. We are 77% sure of this." Wow. That's a pretty bold statement. But since they'd gone up exactly $50, I figured it was quite possible that they'd go back down another $50. So I checked about 30 minutes ago this morning - and they were at $300! I snapped them up, and then checked Farecast again. The new report said: "BUY! Fares are most likely to increase $27 - 71 within the next 7 days, we are 79% sure." Fascinating! I now love :) And I'm going to Dallas 3 weeks from today!


Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?


marisa said...

i have never seen that before ... i'll have to check it out!