Monday, June 23, 2008

Travelin' week!

Had a FANTASTIC weekend at the coast, will have to blog about that another time (I'll try to do it soon so I remember the details), and now I'm in New Mexico. I saw my grandparents and Aunt Juli this evening which was really really great. We had a nice dinner at a fantastic Chinese place that they know the owner of.

The reason I HAD to blog tonight though is to show you that THIS is my rental car. That's right. The crew cab, short box version. It's manly and beefy and I love it. Wow I'm really not a Chicago girl anymore am I? (I kid you not, I had never even KNOWN anyone that owned a pickup before I moved to Oregon.)

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marisa said...

hahaha - that was totally me. growing up in central il, trucks were just for hicks and farm boys and i adamantly would never have considered dating a guy with a truck and loved chicago in part for its lack of trucks. then i met scott, who drove a truck because they were the cool guy car in arizona, and had to totally reframe my thinking. they're super handy vehicles!