Monday, September 03, 2007


I'm sick. I've been sick since Friday. I even came home from work early on Friday because I was sick. I'm not a fan! It's boring to be sick, especially on a weekend that you have tons of fun stuff planned. This weekend I missed an NU alumni event (watching the game on Big Ten Network at a bar), Joelapalooza (a family event with Geoff's family), and Carrie & Mark's wedding reception. I did go to Carrie and Mark's wedding because I refused not to go, but it was painful because I was so sick! At this point my entire nose is just totally raw - ew. I have gone through almost an entire box of tissues just over the weekend. Tylenol Cold is my new best friend. I am at work now... I figured it'd be good for me to be up and around a little and I won't be getting anyone else sick since no one else is here. I will only stay another hour or two. But I have gotten a lot done, which is nice. I hate being sick! (does anyone LIKE being sick?)

In fun news, I use Google Analytics to track who is reading my blog (yes, I'm stalking you stalking me!). Oh speaking of fun Google tools, if you don't use Google Reader, start. You're just ridiculous if you don't! If you have questions, let me know, but it will make your life 236892362 times easier and you will be able to read 23589678% more blogs! Anyway. So the number one way people find my blog via google? By googling: kelly geoff blog. Here's a few other fun ones (quotes shown exactly as they were googled):

"i met james van der beek"
"big bacon omelette"
"oringial pancake house" franchise
"ryan zordan
"tampons at work"
costco hood to coast
p-town blog
porn star vin's
scottsdale old navy hours (I actually checked this one - my blog shows up on the very bottom of the 10th page of Google)

I also got three visitors from Marisa Mitchell mentioning me in her blog. 19% of readers visit my blog just once... 15% of readers visit over 200 times. The majority of people (26%) visit between 100 and 200 times. 86% of people visit for between 0 and 10 seconds - HA! I love that one. I really know how to captivate my audience, huh? ;-) In the past month I had visitors from 9 countries - 270 from the US, 2 from Australia, 2 from Canada, and a handful from various other places. Citywise - 83 Chicago visitors, 38 Phoenix visitors, 33 Denver visitors, 25 Troudale (that's in Oregon) visitors, 14 Hillsboro (also Oregon) visitors, 11 Atlanta Visitors, 7 Scottsdale (that's Arizona) visitors, 6 Portland visitors, and 5 Richardson (Dallas, TX where my parents live) visitors. 81% of my visitors are returning.

I don't know what all of that means (for instance, why would 81% of my visitors return but only read for 10 seconds... makes no sense... well, maybe they're not using Google Reader so they're checking to see if I've updated and I probably haven't). And I probably just bored you all to death (except maybe the keywords part, that's the best part!). Oh well, I had fun!

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marisa said...

yeah, i'm probably one of your returning/10 seconds or less readers because i do the quick check to see if you've updated ... sometimes a few times a day if it's a really slow workday. i know i've heard you rave about google reader before, so i might should check that out.

sidenote: isn't it crazy how much you can do with your google account? photosite's closing down this month, so i've been looking at other places to put my pictures online, and i'll probably end up with picasaweb because i'm always logged into google anway, but then with blogger and reader and gchat and gmail and your stats thing ... i feel like you could do everything you need just with your google login!