Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thai Food

Geoff and I went to my favorite Thai place, Thai Princess, approximately a year ago (it was probably even longer than that, I don't know for sure). We both got medium spicy Pad Thai. He thought it was way too spicy and he hated it and refused to eat Thai again for the longest time. I have only had Thai on rare occasion for the past year, whenever I could convince a friend to go with me. For some reason, last week he agreed to meet me at Thai Princess for lunch. He had mild spicy Pad Thai... and LOVED IT. We've had Thai 3 times in the past week. He can't get enough of it. He says it's my fault for making him order medium spicy last time... apparently, since I ordered it, he had to order it too because it wouldn't be "manly" to order a less spicy food than your girlfriend. LAME!!! I can't believe I missed out on a year's worth of Thai food because of this. I told him I might cut him off for the next year to see how he likes it... although, at this rate, I'm going "catch up" from the entire year in a month. I'm sick of Thai already! Although that Thai cookbook my mom got me will come in handy now... :)

The process of changing your name is so interesting. Nerd that I am, I have made a fancy tracker in Excel. I put in the place I need to change it, method of change (sending a letter, phone call, visiting an office in person, etc.), and date of change. When the date is in, it adds it to my "percent completed". As of this morning I am at 43% completed. Yes, I am a total complete dork and I realize this. Secretly, I think I am cooler than anyone else who changes his/her name... I have a colorful, fancy tracker. It even has weird random stuff, like changing my name on Noodlegrams (the emails I get from Noodles & Company). There are 59 items on it currently... I know I will continue to think of more! Yaaaaaaaaay for dorks! :)

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