Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For once, I'm not not blogging because I have been too busy or just haven't been paying attention to my blog. I'm just boring! I've done a lot around the house lately and it's looking good... but then, it didn't look bad before. Geoff and I have been looking at buying an RV. Well really, we just were looking at RVs for fun because I love them. But then we found a perfect one and at a great price, since it's a 2006. (that and I'm a good negotiator, things to the Negotiations for Engineers that I took in college) Problem is, it's 8' wide, and the spot next to our house is 8' wide... and also where the utility meters are. So we need something that's about 7' wide, which is much harder to find. We're going to go to the RV show this weekend and check it out. Truthfully, I don't see anything happening on this front for a while (while = months - years, don't know exactly). This afternoon I think we're going to go pick out our Christmas tree. Yes, I know it seems early, but Sleighbells in Sherwood will let you go tag yours early and then you just cut it in November or December. My parents are coming for Christmas, YEAH! I dunno... that's about all for now. Oh someone at work asked me how my new last name was pronounced. For those of you who know what it is, that should be pretty funny. More later if anything ever happens in my life...

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