Thursday, September 06, 2007

"there's a rat in the house"

First, I am completely ridiculous. After I called my insurance company to add Geoff to my policy last week, they had the names printed on our cards like this:

Geoffrey George Garrison Martin
Kelly Rumquist

So BOTH of Geoff's middle names (the middle and last names are not real (correct initials though)... and story on the two middle names in a minute) and not even my middle initial! It looked so silly.. his name being so long and mine being so short. So since yesterday I had to call to tell them that I got my name changed on my drivers license and I needed a new card with my new name on it (they are cool, they will email you the cards or you can get them on the website anytime, love it!) and I said "I know this is so silly and picky, but can you change the names to either add my middle name or change his to just a middle initial? They did! So now it looks like:

Geoffrey G Martin
Kelly E Martin

It just looks shorter and cleaner. I don't know why I'm so particular. But I really appreciate them for satisfying my whims! I would have been like "no, you're ridiculous, goodbye". Okay, not really, but I would have thought it in my head. And probably blogged about the fool later. So I guess it's good that I'm blogging about the fool (myself) anyway. What fun is a blog if you don't make fun of yourself equally with others?

Story on the middle names: Geoff's great grandfather had no middle name. As he was growing up, it was always frustrating to him because he'd have to explain to people he had no middle name, he never had anything to put in the middle name box, etc. So when he had kids (6) he decided to give them all TWO middle names, each starting with the same letter as their first name. For example Emily Emma Elizabeth Martin, or Julie Jane Judith Martin (wow those names aren't really very good combinations together, but you get the idea!). Geoff's grandparents really thought that was cool, so when they had kids (5), they did the same thing. Then Geoff's parents thought that was cool as well, so when they had kids (2) they did it as well. I'm not really sure how many other members of the family (like of the 6 people in Geoff's grandfather's generation, or the 5 people in his dad's generation) did the same thing, but I know not all of them did/will. To me, it seems like MORE of a pain to have to have two middle names... like it's funny to me that the first dude had no middle name so he gave his kid two middle names... but that can be a problem logistically, explaining to people, etc. too. So it fixed one problem but created another one! :) Geoff and I have (for the most part, subject to change) decided that if we have kids, we will probably do one with the two middle names and others without it. There's a reason behind that too but I'm not quite ready to blog it just yet.

And now my last story for now. At work we have this area of little "cubby" type things where you can drop off outgoing stamped mail (personal or work related), interoffice mail, etc. I frequently take advantage of it, it's picked up between 10 and 11 AM and it's very handy. Well yesterday I go to drop off some mail and I see this sign:

"To the Netflix thief: watch the movies and then put them back in the mail!
To all others: don't put anything in here that you really care about! There's a rat in the house."

Yikes... I hope the "rat" doesn't care about my thank you notes and my letters requesting my name changed... if anyone hasn't received a thank you note, now you know why! :)

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