Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Crazy feedback lady

I have become crazy feedback lady. As I run into roadblocks with the name change process, I am trying to provide feedback to the companies/agencies that I have difficulties with. I'm not angry or trying to be mean to people (especially the customer service representatives), I just honestly want to make the process easier for others! It's already time consuming enough as it is without getting wrong information or having to do extra things to get it done. So I wrote a letter to Comcast Corporate Headquarters (in process, to be published on blog at later date) to inform them that I thought their process was too complicated. And I just submitted this form as feedback to the Oregon DMV:

Form Confirmation
Thank you for submitting the following information:
Reason: Web Site ContentProblem_Page: Info_Found:
I am going through the process of changing my name due to marriage. One of the things I need to do per DMV guideline is change the title on my car. At the name change website: it says to use the "Request for Correction of Title Records" to change one's name on your title. However, in person at the Tanasbourne Express DMV office as well as on the phone at the DMV Portland metro phone number, I was advised to use the "Application for Title and Registration" to change my name. Sounds like the website might need to be updated. :)
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Friendly enough? I hope so.

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