Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quick Comcast Rant

No one likes Comcast. Seriously, read online forums and you will see a lot of "Com-crap" and such, people think they are a monopoly, overpriced, bad customer service, etc.

Here are my two recent vents about Comcast:
1. Refusal to carry the Big 10 Network. I'm not anxious to switch to Direct TV and we don't have FIOS TV available in my area, so I am stuck having to go elsewhere to watch Northwestern football games this season.

2. Requiring an in person visit to their service center to change one's name. SERIOUSLY!? You won't even let me mail you in a copy of my marriage certificate like the other 40+ agencies I've already talked to will? Seriously, I can understand you not wanting to let me do it online, or even on the phone... but at least let me do it by mail. Your nearest service center is 25 minutes away from where I live! What if the other 40 establishments all wanted me to visit them too? I think my credit card companies and banks would be slightly more particular about my name than a random utility, but they seem to have been fine with either a phone call or a letter with a marriage certificate. Ridiculous.


marisa said...

yeah, comcast stinks. earlier this summer, i had to change my boss's billing address - ended up calling three different customer service numbers, was told to go into a service center, was told there to call a different 1-800 number, and that 1-800 number then told me that they already had the address change. LAME.

marisa said...

oh, and by the way - scott and i were talking about the big 10 network thing, and he said the reason comcast won't carry it is because b10n wants $1.14/mo/household ... which is double or triple what real networks like espn and whatnot cost. and, since you'd get your football and basketball and then junk like women's swimming, it's just not worth it for most consumers.