Saturday, September 22, 2007


I know I've been scarse lately. Geoff and I DID end up buying a camper after all. It is SO GREAT! Tonight we are on our "maiden voyage". We are camping in Cannon Beach... if you can call it camping, I AM on the internet after all. (there is free wifi in our campground!) We have had so much fun this past week... getting things all set up with our camper! And if you come visit, we will take you camping. I went to Geoff's mom's today and she donated many things (towels, etc.) to our camping cause. So we're pretty much all set up. Geoff is watching TV (yes, our camper came with a TV and there is cable at this campground too) and we got back a little while ago from the hot tub. We are seriously just having a blast, and it will be great to be able to get away. We are already planning an October camping trip with his parents. And his mom and I go wine tasting every Thanksgiving, so this year we might take the camper and make it a multi-day thing! Hopefully Geoff can get a few days off. :) My parents are coming for Christmas (YAY!) and we will go camping with them too. I LOVE camping (I grew up with it) and I love that you can camp year-round here. I'm so excited about it. I have pictures and I could even post them since there is a card-reader on this computer, but I'm getting tired so I will post them tomorrow or later in the week! I just wanted to share a little bit of my excitement.

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marisa said...

wow, you do camping right! that sounds like so much fun.