Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lots of stuff!

Ooops... I just made the mistake of looking at the kitchen organization section on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website and now that's all I can think about! Lots of ways to create more space in my kitchen (which is pretty tight with 5 people using it). The reason I was looking at that section is because tonight we bought a hanging basket for fruit and stuff. I can't find it on the BBB website for some reason, but we got the exact one that they have at that Amazon link - although the link looks like there is cardboard or something in the baskets, which there is not. They're square at the bottom and round at the top and they are great! With the organic bin we get (yes we switched companies recently) we often have garlic, tomatoes, avocados, etc. and other things that don't need refrigeration. Plus we have a roommate that eats a lot of fruit. So this stuff just ends up as *CLUTTER* on the counter. The basket creates great vertical storage! I love the way it looks! :) I should have taken a before and after picture... oh well. Plus for the past two years I have had clear plastic letter trays for people's mail. I had them on hand and just set them up as a short term solution when Addy and Christine lived here... now through tons of roommates they have stayed and they are UGLY! So we went to Target and got a mesh three tier organizer (quite similar to this one) and it is so much nicer! We also got a brown storage "box" thing - something like this but not really at all. Helpful, huh? It is a similar size/shape, but it is brown leather. It's also square and was only $14. I got that to put on the coffee table as a catch all (even though I hate catch-alls) for keys, sunglasses, etc. At least it will keep that stuff together instead of finding it weird places, and it will keep it off the counter and make it easier to cook and eat there! YAY! The kitchen looks better already, and there are still some lingering items. I love love love organizing!

We also went to Home Depot for a few things and saw a garage door monitor (Geoff sorta has his eye on a keypad entry thing for the garage door so we were in that section). THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME! I told him this is what I want for Christmas. :) Every night I worry and ask Geoff a thousand times "is the garage door closed?!" About 10% of the time I get dressed and go downstairs to check. This comes from my mother who is a compulsive garage door / front door / back door checker. I swore I would never be her, and I honestly am not even half as bad as her, but I do worry a little with so many roommates. If it was just us I don't think I'd worry so much. Anyway though... with this thing, you have a sensor on the garage and a monitor (think baby monitor) anywhere in your house that has a green light if the door is down and red if it's up. There was a picture on the front of the package of this lady who was reading a book in bed and I was like "GEOFFFFFF!!! This lady is ME!!! Look how nice and relaxed she is with her monitor!!!!" It was too funny. I definitely might need to get that thing. Definitely might. Yes.

Geoff likes Thai food!!! Seriously... we went out for Thai at a place I love about a year ago. He got the medium pad thai and hated it... too spicy. So he wouldn't go and wouldn't go and wouldn't go. Then today we went out for lunch and he agreed to go to Thai for whatever reason. He got the mild pad thai and LOVED it. He kept saying how good it was... aye. A whole year of not much Thai food because "he didn't like it". Oh well, at least we can have it now!

Well... Geoff just got back from a motorcycle ride, so I guess I should wrap it up and go to bed. I didn't so much get to post about Hood to Coast yet, but I'll try to do that by this weekend. Peace out homies! (yes that is a tribute to Molls and Stine)

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marisa said...

wow, if i had a garage door, i'd totally get that monitor! i'm always the one to wonder if we locked the front door when we go to bed (although thankfully scott takes pity on me most nights and checks the door for me after i kick him awake), so i can totally relate.