Monday, August 27, 2007

Newest pet peeve!

Does it annoy anyone else that facebook always says "Jim Bob has removed kayaking from their interests"? Why not say his/her interest, or even use the gender designation that individual has chosen to determine which to say. Their is just so blatently WRONG!

I was crazy yesterday with being annoyed with just about everything! That's what no sleep and being cooped up in a van for 36+ hours will do to a person. :) Things are looking up today.

Full H2C update to come soon...


marisamitchell said...

yeah, that bugs me too. i think it only does that when the person hasn't chosen a gender, though, because sometimes it definitely does say his or her.

Chaim said...

Even if he or she hasn't selected a gender, "their" just doesn't sound right, even if it's accepted usage nowadays. The fact that we don't have a gender non-specific pronoun other than "it" is a serious shortcoming in our language.