Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I realized (okay I googled and found out) that by going to "Settings" and "Permissions" in Blogger, you can "invite others" to contribute to your blog. So I invited my new gmail address and now here I am posting from it. I no longer have to sign out of gmail to blog which makes me much more likely to blog! I also invited Geoff to blog on my blog. I am quite sure he won't, but if he does, you should see it at the bottom. I think it will say the time/date and then "by Geoff". Mine most likely will start saying "by Kelly" soon... let me go check!

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Chaim said...

Yeah. The fact that blogger integrates so well with all the rest of my Google stuff makes it extremely unlikely that I'll ever switch to a better, more powerful blogging program. Blogger suits my needs just fine, anyway.