Friday, August 17, 2007


I am annoyed. It's a little late so I might be a tad crabby, plus I didn't get my run yet AGAIN. This week has been so dang busy and things just have not worked out how I've wanted them to. Here are things I'm annoyed about:

- RUDE people. I expect a basic level of etiquette from people. No, I don't care if you are Miss Manners or not, but know a few basics! (this might be partially left over from wedding planning)

- Blogger. I'm trying to switch names and it's not working very well with keeping me signed into my gmail on my new email address and blogger with my old email address. Google and their world domination...

- Geoff says I should complain about the guys. But I'm not really annoyed with them at all, just annoyed with myself that I miscommunicated to them yesterday! We moved a big TV from the "man room" to the living room, which was fine. We talked about how it was still the living room and they couldn't leave things laying around (dishes, etc). I thought it was clear that it is the room people see when they first walk into the house and would it would always be neat, clean, and presentable. The guys were down there playing video games earlier tonight, which was great. Then Geoff and I got home late tonight and I find a laptop, an ipod, and a video game contoller laying out, pillows strewn about, etc. I HATE CLUTTER. HATE IT. It probably should have been the first word in this bullet point. But anyway, so I tidy up and grumble about it. Apparently it was not clear to the male species that this was still the living room. It is a communial room for all, and when I want to go to the living room or have a guest over, I don't want to have to move a laptop from a chair or straighten up the pillows. It should be ready to go at all times unless people are in it. Geoff says this is impossible because guys don't get that. And I can't "train 3 guys the way I've trained him". Which also made me angry because it made me feel like he thinks he's my pet or something. He says the only solution is to just move the TV back to the other room. I don't want to TRAIN grown adults, but I don't want to just move the TV either. (they are all gone which is why I'm venting here, not discussing). I just want to discuss and see if they would rather move the TV or just work on keeping the room tidy. If you're done with your xbox contoller, put it back in the TV console. When you get up off the couch, put the pillow back against the edge. It takes 2 seconds but would save my sanity. Or if the clutter stays in the back room that used to be the man room, then I can ignore it. We'll figure something out.

Vent over.

Goodnight. :)

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marisa said...

yeah, keeping scott's laptop/books/papers/socks/ironing/blankets/random-unputaway-laundry under control in our, well, only common room is bad enough ... i can't even fathom having four guys in my house to deal with. by the way, this post is great because it's inspiring me to clean up all of that aforementioned clutter. it bugs me (not as much as it bugs you!) but i get tired of picking it up or trying to get scott to (because his standards of clean are way below mine), so i let it build up. oy.