Friday, August 10, 2007

My last post as an unmarried woman

okay, I know some of you are probably throwing up in your mouth right now with that title! But I just feel like I should blog so I have SOME record of these days. Today was perfect. This morning I woke up and started helping my mom clean the house. Geoff and his family (Taylor, Julie, Trevor, and Kristy) came over around 11:30 AM and the guys mowed the lawn, the girls cleaned the pool, and Mom, Julie, and I cleaned inside. Gary dropped Rebecca off at around 2 and brought lunch, and took Julie shopping. They stayed until about 4, and then went back to their hotel. I went to David's Bridal to get my dress... and got a call from Geoff that the Malibu, my sister's car that he was borrowing, broke down (the battery died). I told him to call my mom. LOTS of spiritual warfare going on today with all sorts of stuff... which I figure is good, because of the Devil doesn't want us to get married, that must mean that it's good and God does! So I got my dress and picked up one extra corsage, and then back home. Geoff hadn't even called Mom, he just got Gary to pick up a new battery and a couple of tools and fix it (what can I say, he's a car guy!!). Poor thing. I showered and got dressed and ready for the rehearsal, and Geoff brought the Malibu back over. That left us down a car which was kind of an issue. We went to the rehearsal at 7 and it was great. The organist had to leave to go to the church play at about 7:15, so we had to get started right away. Because of that it was VERY fast. But I think it will still go smoothly. i hope. ;-) So then off to the rehearsal dinner - it was a blast! I love Geoff's stepdad (Gary). He is just awesome and was especially so tonight. We had just a great time talking with family and eating great food. Then I came home and wrapped gifts for the wedding party and now I'm going to bed.

The alarm is set for 8 AM tomorrow to get out of bed and go for a run! Even if I just do a quick 20 minute jog, that's better than nothing. H2C in 15 days... ;-)

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