Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I forgot to update you on what happened on Sunday! (or was it Saturday?) In either case, I talked to the guys and they were like "yeah, we knew you didn't want clutter... sorry, I forgot to pick up my ipod last night, but we're totally cool with the no clutter thing, we want this room to look good too!" So they were on board... only silly Geoff didn't understand. ;-) And the room looks great!

I am still annoyed about Blogger. I need to email Google to see what I can do about getting my blog moved over to my new Google account, because as it is I have to sign out of gmail to update my blog and that's lame.

I switched Geoff's car insurance to mine (I have USAA which I will rave about another time, although I think I already have) and it went down by 75%! YAY!

Hood to Coast is Friday... I'm leaving in about 2 minutes for the first of 6 trips to the airport between now and next Monday! I have the Tahoe... hehehe. :) I have my shopping list ready for all of the stuff I need to get for our pasta dinner tomorrow and also to just have in the car with us. I'm totally not in good enough shape running-wise, but who cares. It will be a blast anyway! And I'm so looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!


marisa said...

his car insurance went down by 75%?? that is crazy. way to get a bargain, though!

ryc: yes, we do have a lid on our trash can - it's one with the foot lever. that scott's one big picky area, odd but true. to me at least, though, the smell would kind of waft its way through the plastic lid and out into the rest of our very small condo.

Carrie Jean (to be Peeples) Friesen said...

Ya for H2C! I can't wait to hear about it!

marisa said...

bummer - i just went to usaa's website to check out your amazing insurance ... but it's only for military/family of military!