Monday, June 04, 2007


Ahhh it was a tough weekend! :) Geoff and I were just dealing with some family stuff that was really emotionally draining! We had to make some tough decisions, and though the decisions are finally done, the hard part may just be beginning!

Highlights of the weekend:
- making a Little Mermaid cake for a co-worker's daughter that was a HUGE hit. It is my favorite cake that I've ever made!
- getting 3 loads of laundry done (it was really stacking up)
- doing a MAJOR MAJOR cleaning of my room
- going to see Knocked Up (this was good because it was the only time all weekend that Geoff and I spent together just relaxing)
- an amazing evening out with Katie... dinner at Henry's downtown and then dessert at PF Changs! It was nice to be out, I haven't been downtown in a long time
- a fabulous workout Saturday afternoon

Poor Geoff had to work 25 hours between Saturday and Sunday. He finally gets a day off on Wednesday! We are looking forward to going to Dallas next weekend, here is the list my sister has prepared for what we will do while we are there (might be a little confusing especially if you don't know her or us, but funny nonetheless):

1. Geoff meets Stiney
2. Float
3. Make cool drinks like Jaimacian 10 speeds and Miami Vices
4. Go to Central Market
5. Shop at the Galeria. Help Kelly find better clothes and Stiney cool stuff.
6. Uncle Julios
7. Eat lobster
8. Make zucchini bread
9. Buy gifts for Spanish folk.
10. Meet Anna
11. Some people take engagement pics..
12. go rollerblading.
13. Celebrate Dad's day

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