Thursday, June 14, 2007

I apparently grieve by writing.

So it must be pretty unfortunate to be my blog reader. I think I'd like an online journal that is private, that only I can see. I journal in a real paper journal, but not as much as I bet I would if I had a journal on the computer. Oh well.

So my mom called and visitation for my aunt will be tomorrow from 5 - 7. My family is not going to go to that because Geoff and I aren't getting in until 1 AM, and they want to wait for us. I told my mom they could go and we could figure it out, but she said no. Then the burial will be the next morning at 10:30 or 11 on Saturday, and then a memorial service at their church at 2. So my mom asked that Geoff and I go to that, she said that she knew my aunt would want me to be there and my mom would appreciate the support. I haven't been able to get in touch with Geoff yet, but we talked about it last night and I know that he will go with me. I feel bad for him because the first time he'll meet my dad and sister will be on the car on the way to Houston and then he will meet my extended family (on my mom's side) for the first time at my aunt's burial. But he is an amazing man and he will do just fine. God defintiely works in amazing ways and as sad as it is, it's good that Geoff and I happened to be going home this weekend and that my sister is there too so that my whole family will be able to be there. God is good. :) We will come back to Dallas Saturday night so we'll be home for engagement pictures Sunday morning and then go to church to meet our pastor. It will be a brief trip to Houston but it will work out just fine!

A funny: Yesterday I mentioned to Geoff that I couldn't go running this morning because I had given blood yesterday, and he said "is that why you give blood, so you don't have to work out?" I said "No, I give blood for the cookie!" ;-) Seriously though, when they have blood drives at work, they make the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER!!! Hehe.

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marisa said...

wow, poor girl ... what a week. i'm glad there was happy stuff and friends to offset the stress and grief. :) i'm praying for you.