Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Following up on yesterday...

So I really was QUITE rushed yesterday at the end of my blog, I realized I didn't even tell you my favorite pictures! I am going to try to put them in order for you, although towards the end the order kind of blends together.

Definitely my favorite is 1947! I just love the look in this picture. I already have it printed out and stuck on my board at work because I could not stop looking at it yesterday.
My second favorite is 1926... yes, I'm out of focus, but I think that's part of what makes the effect so cool!
2083 is another good one... my coworker Cindy says it looks like Geoff is about to jump off and run away, but I think he just looks relaxed and happy.
1817 is fun... it was taken in the House of Blues and I LOVE the profile look and the contrast.
1949 and 1927 are similar to favorites above, so I like them too, but neither of them turned out quite as well as the one before.
Taylor and Rebecca love 1935, and I agree it's a good one!
I also like 1901 and 1885, they were right when we got to Deep Ellum and came out well.

Pics I don't really like:
2033 and 2068 - I think we look mad, we were probably going for a more serious look but it just did NOT work.
1754 was one we took in the morning when it was raining and yucky and just generally no good!
My absolute least favorite is 2089 because I HATE KISSING PICTURES.

I went to bed at 6:30 PM yesterday and did not awake until 6:00 AM today... that was good, I needed it! I could still stand some more sleep, too! After work I'm going to hit the gym and then go home and do laundry, unpack the organics bin, unpack my suitcase, clean up a bit, etc.

The next few weeks and weekends are packed! (woah, I just went and made the list, pretty much the entire SUMMER is packed)
This weekend: Thursday is dinner with Geoff's grandparents, Friday we're going to The Way with Geoff's brother Trevor's girlfriend Kristy, Saturday I am going to try to hang out with my friend Kristie, and Sunday I'm making a cake with Taylor and Rebecca.
Next weekend: I don't *think* anything is planned but I know things have been mentioned for the last weekend of June so I have to remember what they are! And it's also the last weekend Taylor is in town.
Weekend of July 7: Geoff and I are going to his Oma and Opa's in Seattle for a visit.
Weekend of July 14: My friend Katie is throwing me a bachelorette party! We're going to go dancing downtown.
Weekend of July 21: Geoff's parents are throwing us an enagement / wedding send off party at their house
Weekend of July 28: Last weekend Rebecca is in town.
Weekend of August 4: Nothing yet......
Weekend of August 11: Our wedding, and unfortunately my friend Heather and Grant's wedding too. I am so sad I won't be able to attend their wedding but I try to remember that we'll share an anniversary with them which is awesome and that it'll just be okay.
Weekend of August 18: Nothing yet......
Weekend of August 25: Hood to Coast!
Weekend of September 1: My friend Carrie's wedding

The best thing I have learned from planning a wedding (I still wish Geoff had let me get married at the justice of the peace, but he was very against it and my mom is thankful) is how much everyone wants to have an opinion! And I am thinking to comments I may have made to people about their weddings like "oh that's so soon" or "wow you are waiting a long time" (I don't think I would have made any other comments other than about when they are having their wedding, and I don't know if I have even done that, but bad bad Kelly if I did!) and from now on I will be NOTHING BUT POSITIVE about people's wedding plans. Obviously a lot of people have made comments about how quickly we are getting married or about us choosing to have it in Texas. It's so discouraging! But I feel incredibly blessed, because for every comment I get about the date or place, I get an encouraging comment about how great it is that we are trying to keep the wedding simple and instead focus on preparing for a MARRAIGE instead of a wedding. And a lot of folks who have been married for 10+ years have said "yeah, if I had to go back and do it again, I'd keep it short and sweet and simple". Those encouraging comments have really been standing out to me... I am thinking of making a little journal or list of who said them so that I can remember them for a lifetime. Maybe a page in my wedding scrapbook that I'm hoping to make!

Okay, so I guess that was a little rambling rant, but I feel better having shared!

I was going to write a little more about our meeting with Pastor Anna and the rest of the day we had on Monday including driving all over the place and then our flights and stuff... but I've already yammered at you for a long time so I think I'll just let it be.


marisa said...

so i'm not such a fan of the bunny eared salt and pepper grinders ... they just feel flimsy and take forever to grind enough. since i know you are a salt-and-pepper afficionado, what is your favorite set for daily use?

marisa said...

ryc: we've been trying the fan thing, but unfortunately the two fans we own are both small dorm-room sized fans. we're doing the shades-closed-at-night thing, but i think the day it got up to 86* inside, we had left the windows themselves open that day ... and it got up to about 100* in denver. learned our lesson. so, hopefully we can work out a system of opening and closing windows appropriately and get some bigger fans to help out the a/c unit. oy - i miss central air!

marisa said...

and, to actually respond to this post - i think it's great that you guys are focusing more on preparing for your marriage than just for the wedding day. i know most people anymore do premarital counseling, but i feel like it's still so easy to get caught up in setting all your dreams on this one day and not really thinking about what it'll be like beyond that ... so, props to you and geoff. :)