Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I don't know why it always seems to be Wednesday by the time I get around to posting again! The weekend was FABULOUS. We went to The Way on Friday and it was really great! We also picked out a wedding ring for Geoff, it should be in in a couple of weeks. Saturday I was REALLY productive - I went to the gym, unpacked, did a bunch of laundry, cleaned the house, ran some errands, baked 3 cakes, fixed some things around the house, etc. It was great! Then Geoff and I did a TON of lawn work that night... it looked like an overgrown jungle before and now it's on its way to looking halfway decent! Sunday I went to church and then went to Geoff's parent's to show Taylor, Rebecca, and Kristy how to decorate cakes (the aforementioned 3 cakes!). It was a great day! Then Geoff and I went to Costco and Bed, Bath, & Beyond and then had dinner. We made tilapia and broccoli. Monday I went to the gym forEVER, and yesterday I rested my knees. Today I'm going to the gym then having dinner with my friend Katie and going to Solid Rock's Wednesday night service, then tomorrow Geoff and I are having dinner with our friends Kendra and Beau.

A quick wedding update: I made a wedding website and we got more engagement pictures. We're working on picking out Scripture for our wedding... I am so anti 1 Corinthians 13! That sounds terrible... and actually I'm not, I love the passage and it's absolutely beautiful... but I just don't want to read it in our wedding. There are so many other beautiful passages that are overlooked. I need to follow-up with the church wedding coordinator and the pastor here that's doing our premarital counseling (we sent out our assessments almost 3 weeks ago and haven't received them back!) . I also blocked some rooms at a hotel but haven't heard back from the other hotel where I want to block rooms. So still lots to do, but it's great. All pretty much simple stuff, which is good! I also emailed my friends Heather and Grant to tell them that I stole their wedding date... and they wrote back an INCREDIBLY gracious response and are excited that we are going to have the same anniversary! What a huge blessing.

My new lunch obsession is this Chinese Style Chicken Salad from Costco. Just add lettuce!

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