Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bin and the Bin and the Box

Okay, so I think the regular readers already know about the organics bin that we get every week... we switched this week to the veggie bin, so that will be exciting. We'll get tomatoes almost every week and no more fruits, which we don't eat much anyway! It comes tonight!

The only reason I told you about that bin was to differentiate between it and the Family Chat Bin. No link for this one, but I don't think I've told y'all about it before. It is just my family (mom, dad, sister, and me... Geoff and Abel are in it now too), and we email each other quite a few times every day, depending on work schedules and things like that. It's a GREAT way to keep in touch, and very very funny. LOVE the bin. So my mom loves to rent movies, especially in the summer when she's not teaching. She always complains about the price of Blockbuster and is always looking for a deal (we used to have a Dollar Video place at us in Chicago, and in Iowa they had Mr. Movies which had cheap weeknight rentals). So she found this "little box" that you could put a dollar into and you could get a movie out, at WalMart. She kept telling us about it and how she couldn't wait to try it, and it's been quite a hot topic in the bin for the past few weeks (don't know why she talked about it instead of just renting one). Christine and I were like "what the heck is this sketchy box Mom keeps talking about!" Then Mom asked for suggestions and Christine was mentioning new movies, and I was like "no, this box is only for ghetto old movies, like Pretty Woman or Top Gun". My mom was all "how do you know, you've never even seen the box!!" So anyway, Mom checked it out yesterday and said that YES, there were new movies in the box. So she tried it out, and forwarded us the copy of the emailed receipt, and said it was great. This morning when she returned it, she ran into the man who was servicing it, and he said they have them mostly at WalMarts and at Albertsons. Somewhere along the line she also mentioned that it was red. She was very happy with the whole experience.

Geoff was at the grocery store picking up some buns to make hamburgers tonight, and he called about an hour ago saying "GUESS WHAT?" I said what, and he said "I just saw the dollar box!!!" I said "No way, at Albertsons, because my mom said it was there!" And he said, YUP!, at Albertsons. And I said "was it red?" He said "it was red"! VERY EXCITING! It's right across the street, how handy!!

So then I got to thinking about the box and wanted to find out what it was... well a little googling quickly determinated that it was RedBox... which of course after I saw the website I remembered it was the same place Marisa blogged about months ago! So now we've come full circle on this crazy box... I can't wait to try it now!

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marisa said...

hahaha - yay for redbox! i was reading and was thinking, "man, this sounds oddly like redbox ... can there be another similar system??" i'm glad your family appreciates it as much as we have! (fun feature - you can reserve movies from their website to pick up at the store, or you can evcen just see which location has a movie you want ... very handy when you have two redboxes right across the street from each other like we do.)