Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day

Today was a day! I gave blood at work which was great. Then we were supposed to have our first pre-marital counseling session... before that I was out getting the mail and got some news from one of our neighbors that a neighbor is in the hospital. This is especially hard because we are close to this family and we have so much going on this week and will be out of town with the weekend so we aren't able to do as much for the family as we would like to (helping with meals, babysitting, etc.). I said we would be praying for them and they said that was what they needed most. We then had pre-marital counseling which was great, we took a 200 question assessment that we will get results back for in a few weeks. Then I got some news from my Aunt Lisa that my Aunt Julie, who has breast, brain, and liver cancer probably wouldn't make it through the night. In all of the confusion my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jeff weren't able to find my parent's phone numbers. So they called me and asked me to call my mom right away. Geoff and I are going to Dallas for the weekend and we will still go, and if necessary/possible we will drive to Houston for the funeral on Saturday (we have no idea if it will be then, if she will end up dying tonight, etc.). Then we went by Geoff's parent's house to see his cousin and grandma who just got in to town today. We had a really nice visit with them and talked a lot about Hood to Coast and our wedding, but at the very end Geoff's grandma told us she would not be coming to the wedding. She doesn't like to travel much and it's very hard on her, and she doesn't like to be around a lot of new people, and the combination was just going to be too much. That made us both really sad, because we had really intentionally tried to schedule our wedding so that parents, siblings, and grandparents could be there. When we got into the car I couldn't help myself, I just started crying. I was crying about Grandma, but then all of the other news of the day just started weighing more heavily upon me. It was such a crazy day... there were some really great highs: giving blood, great talk with Geoff's family, pre-marital counseling... and some really hard lows. I'm sorry to be such a downer, but blogging is quite theraputic to me and I wanted to get something down. So that's my news... more to come as things unfold.

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