Saturday, December 11, 2004

Reporting on nothing

So here's the lowdown... the latest I stayed at work this week was 1:30 AM, which is only about halfway into the shift. I was basically worthless. I felt bad for my teammates, but they were really sweet to me. So anyway, Friday morning I broke down and called the dentist, and they had me come in and treated me for dry socket in both of my bottom teeth (gums). They stuffed some gauze covered in clove oil or some such nonsense in my gums and I did not like it! Ugh. It was supposed to make me feel a lot better within a few hours but it did not, so I called back Friday night and got a different pain medicine because the first one that I had didn't make me feel so good. So then I went to work and was just miserable the whole time... I finally left around 12:45 (I've had lots of meetings in the beginning of the shift this week that I've needed to deal with). I tried to sleep but around 2 I gave up because I was just crying the whole time and went over to Vinnie's. He was so sweet and rubbed my back and took care of me a little bit. I just couldn't stand to be alone last night, you know how that is when you don't feel good? Around 4 I FINALLY fell asleep. Thank goodness. I woke up at 9:30 and called the emergency dentist number, they didn't call me back until like 11:30 or so. So then at 11:30 they told me that with dry socket it really is just painful for several days until it heals and I sort of have to deal with it. So I'm taking 2 painkillers every 4 hours which is the max I can take, but it is the only thing that makes it even tolerable. Vin is at my apartment with me now, he's being a good little worker bee at the table doing tons of work, and I've been on my couch all day watching TV and movies. But at least he is here... it's a huge cycle... it feels okay for about an hour, then gets worse and worse and then I finally get to take my medicine, and then it feels bad for about another hour to hour and a half, and then kicks in and YAY it's good for a while. It's just a strange little cycle.

Also, Patrick was nice enough to delay his trip for one day, which is nice because it's let me have some time to recover a little bit and hopefully I'll be better off for his trip. I'm really excited and hope that I can be fun for him.

I guess that is all for now. Not a fun update... just telling about my yuckiness, probably in too much detail... oh well. Goodnight.

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