Monday, December 06, 2004


Did I really just post two posts with practically the same title? WhatEVER.

Here's the weekend:
Saturday we went wine tasting. Super fun. I really had a good time, and finally I have some wine at my apartment! Now I feel like I'm seriously a real adult! I didn't sleep in the morning after work so I fell asleep about 9 PM Saturday night. The wine probably helped in that process as well. But yeah I'm really big on these Oregon vineyards now, I'll have to go again. Let me know if you want to join me!

Sunday we went to breakfast in the morning, then we went to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Big Lots to get bins and stuff so I could organize his office. I did and it looks way better! He has some papers he needs to go through but that's not so bad. Then Sunday night as a treat he took me out to Portland City Grill as a "thank you" if you will. Oh how I heart the PCG. :-) Patrick and I will definitely have to go there next weekend.

It was just a super good weekend... we had a lot of fun and I was happy. Haven't been so happy in a month or so... the whole "funk" I'm in, ya know? So it was good and Vin gets major bonus points for cheering me up.

Tooth update:
They hurt, a lot. I thought everything was great but that was still when the local anesthetic hadn't worn off yet. Now that it has I'm feeling NOT SO HOT at all. So poo on that. :-(

Yays and Nays:
Nay to wisdom tooth extraction
Yay to Vicodin

Nay to my wireless being down and having nothing Tivoed for the weekend
Yay to still having the OC, the Apprentice, and a few other shows from last week to watch

Nay to pain
Yay to milkshakes

Okay I'm not good at yays and nays... I'm not in the mood to do it right now, because my teeth hurt. And plus I'm not sure I can live up to Addy's fabulous yays and nays. Perhaps I will try again later!


Pidat said...

broke ass teeth suck but pumpkinmilkshakes are delicious

osuaddy said...

HELLO SWEETIE =) Sorry to hear about the teeth, but it is better than being born without permanent teeth... don't get me going on that horrible story =) Thanks for the super cutest comment and I can't wait to be done with finals tomorrow - PRAISE!!! Then I can come see you asap! I am actually comeing up there not this weekend, but next... when is your pal Patrick coming, because I don't want to intrude, but would LOVE to stop in say hi, have lunch, burrito, ya know! Let me know! - glad you like the scrapbooking stuff my ma sent ya. She loves you for it- talk to you soon. sending all my luvness - hope you feel better soon! adds

Kelly said...

Patrick is coming THIS weekend but then the weekend after that I'm going home. So sad that I won't see you but YAY for going home.

Jenni said...

Just got your christmas card, SO CUTE! I need to start doing that.