Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's a good day... and a bad day.

So it's a good day because we have had 100% bloggage update in the last 50 hours! 60% in the last 14 hours! I really like blogging... it brings people together, and it's like we're having one grand conversation with each other, just with a little time delay. I like blogging the way WE do it, as a conversation among friends!

It's also a good day because I talked to my friend Joel from UPS... it was good to catch up. We made sure we had each other's current numbers and are going to talk on the phone soon. He's one of those quality people that just makes you smile and miss him every time you talk to him. It's also a good day because Vinnie came over to cheer me up, and that was just super sweet of him. I have some serious weekend plans, which include wine tasting and salsa dancing on Saturday, then cuddling and organizing (which I love) and church (which I really love) on Sunday. And MAYBE Portland City Grill for happy hour Sunday, woo hoo! Those things just all make me happy.

Do you think I could start a business as a professional organizer? Have you ever seen the show Clean Sweep? I'd be like that... people would hire me that just have some sort of a messy or unorganized situation going on, and I'd swoop in and make it awesome for them. I do it to my parent's house all the time... not that they're messy, but after moving they still had some unpacking and stuff to do so I swoop in and do a great job of organizing it. And I LOVE organizing, I find it relaxing and fun. But honestly, do you think that could be an actual business? I see potential but I'd appreciate feedback.

It was a bad day because I slept from 8:30 - 9:30 but then I woke up because my stalker called me like they do 4 or 5 times a day. Then for some reason I went into this big melodramatic fit which I carried on with myself for about the next 5 hours. I don't know what my deal was. I was like I hate Oregon, I have no friends here, I want to move back to Chicago, etc. I talked to Vin and Patrick about it and they were both like chill out. I think I'm just getting excited about going home for Christmas and the anticipation is killing me. I guess I'm just in a little funk. Hopefully I'll snap out of it and get on with my life soon. :-) I'm cheered up just being at work, I'm one of those people who can just go to work and feel much better about things, which is great.


Jenni said...

You love Oregon. Trust me, I'm sure it's alot more exciting than Chicago.

osuaddy said...

Umm... hell no you are not moving anywhere! =) You love it here and I love you here!

Kelly said...

Okay well that makes me feel better, especially Addy's comment. :-)