Sunday, December 05, 2004

Quick Update

So I don't have much time to post because Vinnie is harassing me, I'm just saying hello. I have LOTS to post about, we went wine tasting yesterday at a bunch of local vineyards and had the best best best day ever. :-) I feel better about Oregon and I thank you guys all so much for your sweet comments. I was just having a crabby day. And Patrick is coming to visit next weekend so I'm SUPER excited! I keep thinking of fun places to take him, like Widmere or wine tasting or Tillamook or PCG or who knows?! YAY FUN VISITORS. Yay Chicago. Yay Oregon. Okay off to breakfast and then buying stuff for his house which I'm organizing.

Blogs to come...
- Details on my day yesterday
- Information about my new business
- Yays and Nays


Pidat said...


em said...

I totally want to hear more about this business plan - I think your company definitely has the most fabulous name (well, I liked Patrick's suggestion - I don't know if you'll use that). Could I maybe open a Chicago branch? (Patrick! We need a name for that) :-P Not that I'm not pro-professional organizing but I also really enjoy my health insurance and stuff.

Kelly said...

I hear you on the health insurance, which is EXACTLY why I'd wait until I was doing really really really well until I left any full time job I have. I especially need it! :-)