Monday, December 06, 2004

Quicky update

So the wisdom tooth extraction went fine. He said I was a perfect patient! My friend Beau picked me up afterwards (he was SO CUTE, I was going to call him and he was already there cause he didn't want me to wait!!!) and took me to Walgreens to get some Vicodin. Yay for that, I think I'm going to like it.

So they were just like starting and I was like "umm is there going to be nitrous oxide?" and he was like "oh, do you want it?" So I'm glad I said something. I don't think he realized how scared I was until he really got started and I was so tensed up and crying my eyes out. I wasn't trying to but getting the shots REALLY hurt especially on the inside of my mouth. But his assistant was so nice and held my hand and talked to me and I swear she saved the day. I really really liked her.

Haha Emily just IMed me and goes "are you going to blog while numb?" And I'm like yeeeeeah I am! Okay no more. I need to lie down now, and I'm using two computers (one to blog, one to IM, long story) so I'm going to say goodbye. More tonight I promise.. Well I don't promise cause I don't know how I'll feel, but soon enough.

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