Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Dual Blog

Hello from Kelly and Patrick in the Portland. Here's our day:

Patrick woke up, went to the airport at like freaking 4 in the morning or some nonsense. Kelly slept until almost 10 and was almost late picking up Patrick. So I picked him up at 11. Then we went to Burgerville. Patrick had a delicious Tillamook cheeseburger and Kelly had a shake and fries. Then Patrick got to drive the Jake. We went to the Nike Factory Outlet and Patrick got some shiny silver kicks -- tax free!! Then we went looking at houses. Townhomes / condos, actually. All of the realtors thought we were a young married couple with a dual income, however Patrick has no income. We put a down payment on a condo. It was the one that was only $109,000, one bedroom reduced from $125,000. Stainless steel kitchen and granite countertops, and they paid $3500 toward our closing costs. Then we came back here and chilled. Actually I'm lame and needed a little jaw rest so Patrick watched the televisor while I didn't talk. Then we went to the Portland City Grill and had beer and a variety of different appetizers, some of which were delicious. Here's the ranking, for Patrick: tuna, tenderloin, brushetta, chicken. Kelly: brushetta, tenderloin, chicken, tuna. Now we're trying to think of something to do so I'm making Patrick blog. But he's not being funny enough. So I'm going to go beat him. BAM!

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Jenni said...

Kelly and Patrick bought a condo???? You mean Kelly bought a condo? I'm confused.