Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Great Condo Hoax

NO ONE bought a condo. Patrick wanted me to "slip that in there" to see if anyone would notice we said we bought a condo. Apparently he thinks people just skim blogs or something. But this isn't Crime and Punishment, this is pleasure reading.

I went in this morning and got my teeth fixed up... he took the gauze out forever, which means it hurts more but now can officially start to heal, which I think is a good thing. Hopefully it really will heal and I will be a happy girl! :-) Ummmmmm other than that, I think I'm just chillin'. I'm going to try to put some good music on my iPod and then get some sleep in anticipation of my big 3 day work week... and then glorious 10 day vacation. :-)

Anyway, last night I watched The Day after Tomorrow at Vin's, which was fine but the second time I've seen it. It was sad because I won't see Vin again until after Christmas... boo to that. :-( Unless he's nice enough to take me to the airport at 6:30 AM Saturday, but he's already spent too much time awake in the middle of the night when I call him in pain.

Monday with Patrick was way fun. We had a great breakfast at Hale's in the morning, then went to Tillamook for an afternoon of cheese and ice cream and the Pacific Ocean. Good times. Boo to the rain, that was not the cool part of it. I definitely did not appreciate that. Then we went to Widmer and Patrick had the sampler, so he now knows exactly what types of beer he likes and doesn't like (he likes ambers and hates IPAs, just like me!). Widmer is the best for learning your beer tastes, and then you feel like you at least know something after that. Same with going to the wine tastings at the vineyards, it helps make you more knowledgable. So after that we went to Vin's to drop off this mug he's been wanting from Widmer for 2 years that I finally got for him, and then we went to Old Chicago for beer for Vin and Patrick and dessert for me. :-) Yum. It was a SUPER night. Well, not really because my mouth was really hurting so I was whiney, but in theory it would have been a super night. Check Patrick's blog for the low-down on Vin.

And I think that's all... I'm going to work on the iPod now. Catch y'all on the flip side.

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Jenni said...

New ipod, you did NOT mention that in your post. I love mine. I really want the upgrade headphones with the remote for xmas.