Friday, April 11, 2008

My husband is all about the bling

Seriously. Geoff definitely loves jewelry more than I do. I never wear my engagement ring because... well I don't know, I just don't wear it. Maybe because it's impractical. I don't know. (I do ALWAYS wear my wedding ring). When I was in Arizona recently, there was a woman who had very similar rings to me, except she had a third ring and I thought it made it look cooler. So I thought "hmm, maybe I should try THAT". I probably won't like it, because I think it's just that I don't like wearing rings, but it looked so cool on her so I want to try it. So I told Geoff that I might go to a jewelry store to try a third ring and see how it looks. He said "Okay. Can I go with?!?" I said of course, and he said "YAY!". We are so mis-matched... I am wasting a guy who likes jewelry on a girl who doesn't... when the whole rest of the world does. Oh well! Too bad for all of you. :) (oh, and since I don't wear my engagement ring, he always says he's going to take the diamond and make it into an earring or something for himself... hehehe)

And on to a completely new topic, some of the things on home listings are absurd! Cases in point:
"Seller says sell this property!" (as opposed to most sellers who DON'T want it sold??)
"Appraised for over $310.000 in the past" (first of all, $310? Or $310,000. And second of all, did you get the memo that the housing market has taken a downturn? That means your previous appraisals don't necessarily mean much.)

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