Thursday, April 17, 2008

12 minutes

I have 12 minutes before a meeting to tell you about our first softball game last night.

In short - it was GREAT! So much fun. We played 5 innings in one hour and 40 minutes, which is almost exactly what we are "supposed" to do (it's supposed to be 5 innings with no new inning starting after an hour and 20 minutes, and we started our 5th inning at an hour and 18 minutes!). The girls were fantastic - at first they were a little confused and didn't know quite what to do, but as we played more they got better and better. It was neat to see their progress just in the short time that we played. In the first couple of innings a few of the girls had some trouble hitting the ball with coach pitch, so we added a tee if they couldn't hit it after 5 or 6 coach pitches. But by the last inning, every single girl on our team had hit at least one coach pitched ball. It was great! They got a couple of outs and MANY of our girls got runs! :) Very excited for our game today!

It was EXHAUSTING though. I had no idea it was going to be so tiring, but Geoff and I were both beat by the time we were done. I guess just from yelling for 2 hours (they need a lot of direction, both when batting and playing out in the field) and being up and about in the sun (yes, there was sun). At least we know what to expect tonight!

That only took 4 minutes... 8 to spare! :)

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