Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A couple more stories

So first, the Lock N Lock. Geoff and I went up to Oma and Opa's to visit last July. This is when Oma and I discovered just how alike we are. So she kept sharing with me all of her neat little organizational tricks. She showed me these containers that she had from QVC. At first, I was unimpressed. I thought "but I have those little disposable Glad containers that I use for leftovers and such". But as she showed me more and more uses for them and how well they kept stuff, I was VERY impressed. The coolest one was a spinach container that had a thin little rack at the bottom to allow room for any water to drip down and stay off the spinach, thereby making the spinach last longer. She said she'd had spinach in that continer for a month! While we were there, she took us to a couple of stores to find Lock N Lock, but nowhere had any. Costco had Snapware, which is similar to Lock N Lock but not *quite* as good. She bought us a set of Snapware as an engagement gift to get us started. Later that month at our engagement party, she got us a few more Lock N Lock items - including the infamous spinach container. Which by the way, is amazing - it keeps food fresh forever! For Christmas, she gave me a Lock N Lock set of a bread container, cereal containers, and a few others. When we were visiting them last month, she showed me a little experiment she'd saved for me - she put some graham crackers in a Lock N Lock and some in a Snapware. The ones in the Snapware were all yucky and gross, but the ones in the Lock N Lock were good as new!! Seriously you have no idea until you try the stuff. Geoff makes fun of me because our whole pantry and fridge is filled with Lock N Lock. But our food lasts a looooong time that way. It definitely cuts back on waste! My mom's complaint is that it takes up more room in the fridge than a plastic baggie or something similar, which is true - but if you're willing to give up some space, you are gaining a lot of longevity. I heart Lock N Lock.

Next story. As we were driving through Seattle to Oma and Opa's last weekend, Geoff said "no wonder ages 16 - 25 are always getting in car accidents! Look at all of the people who are whipping around me. It is moms and dads with their young teenagers in their cars!" I asked him why it then wasn't the moms and dads getting into the accidents, and he said that they do have some driving experience under their belts which helps them be a little bit better at making decisions. But then their kids see the way they are driving and think they should be driving that way too, thereby causing them to get into accidents. It's quite amusing that 22 year old Geoff is getting frustrated with all of the crazy drivers on the road... :)


marisamitchell said...

i didn't know your hubby is only 22! you married a baby!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, all these younger drivers getting in accidents are raising my insurance rates!