Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another day, another cache!

Softball practice was fun last night. :) I think there may have been some confusion about the time (we started 30 minutes earlier than last week because that's when we could get the field) - either that or people were just late. I couldn't really tell because everyone seemed to be there on time to pick up their kids. It went by a lot faster than the first time and the girls are just great. There was a dad that asked if he could help out too, which worked out nicely. The girls picked their name last night - the Dragons! It came down to the Dragons and the Lightning and Dragons won out.

On the way home we decided to try another geocache... it was in a parking lot with a bank, IHOP, Dollar Tree, Marshalls, Baja Fresh, etc. Luckily it was in the corner, so we drove right to it. We knew it was near a light (the clue was under the light and above the concrete), so we just looked around the light quickly and found it immediately. YAY! Our second find. Then we tried another right near our house in an Albertsons/Wendys/Subway parking lot, but we could not find it. We thought it was near a light, similarily set up and hidden to the last one we found. But it didn't seem to be there. There was also a cart return near there, so it could have been in there. The clue was "not what you're thinking", so I'm not sure quite what that meant. There were a lot of people out and we didn't want to call attention to ourselves, so we decided to leave and come back sometime when it was darker out. This is the closest geocache to our house, so we WILL find it sometime. It's about 2 blocks away! :)

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Kelly said...

"not what you're thinking" probably means it's not a lamp post cache (LPC). Yes, they are apparently so common they've been acronymed. People tend to get sick of those as unimaginative. The first ones are interesting though. :-) Good luck with those searches. It is a fun hobby and the finds get easier. (I have 142 so far.)